The Benefits of Managed Magento Support

Want to provide the best Magento service for your eCommerce clients?

Currently, there are more than 146,000 Magento stores on the Internet. Many of these store owners face performance, security, and scaling issues when managing their Magento websites. 

As a service partner, you can help clients mitigate these issues through managed Magento support services.

You don’t need to be a Magento expert. Instead, you can resell Liquid Web’s Magento hosting services and become a one-stop solution for your clients. Partnering with Liquid Web also allows you to continue offering your existing services while adding the managed Magento support service at no additional cost.

Key points

  • Offering managed Magento support through a partner saves you money, time, and resources while helping you scale up your business.
  • Managed Magento support proactively improves client outcomes by reducing downtime, improving security, and ensuring optimum functionality.
  • Liquid Web supports your business with managed Magento support and our partner program.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

What is Magento support?

Magento, or Adobe Commerce, is a popular eCommerce platform for large and small businesses. Without a strong IT department, eCommerce businesses may struggle to maintain their website, monitor its performance, and keep up with on-demand support activities.

Magento support is a service offered by Magento managed service providers to online store owners to resolve their ongoing requirements and issues. These support services include updating Magento versions, managing content, checking for vulnerabilities, troubleshooting, and handling scaling requirements.

By offering managed Magento support services, you can stand out from your competition and make it easier for your eCommerce store clients. By providing managed services, you are responsible for continuously taking care of website maintenance instead of offering support only when an issue occurs.

Reselling partner services is an excellent option if you’re considering providing Magento support but are concerned about the cost and resources. Partnering with a host offering Magento experts on staff creates a better experience for your clients and profitable opportunities for your business.

How partnering with Magento experts helps your business

There are several ways to provide managed Magento support services for your existing clients. However, doing it on your own is costly. For example, you could assign an in-house Magento developer exclusively for support or hire new, dedicated team members for this service.

A better option is to partner with a company that already handles Magento hosting and support. Reselling their services allows you to provide managed Magento support and address your pain points.

Reduces expansion costs

Expanding your in-house team for a new service requires considerable investment. You must invest money in recruiting suitable candidates and equipping them with the necessary resources to provide the service.

In addition, you also need to bear the cost of training, benefits, and perks for each employee. On average, companies spend $4,683 for every new hire. This can be a significant cost depending on the size of your business. 

These additional costs can be avoided by reselling managed Magento support services from established companies like Liquid Web. They already have the necessary expert resources available and can help your client with website maintenance and support issues whenever required — at no additional expense to you.

Solves knowledge gaps

Even if you have the budget to add new team members, finding candidates with the right experience and expertise takes time and effort. Without well-qualified and well-trained staff, customer experience suffers.

However, partnering with a host like Liquid Web solves the knowledge gap. Partnering gives you access to a development team with certified developers qualified to handle all Magento support issues and provide your clients with the highest quality Magento maintenance services.

Enables scalability

By partnering with a managed host as your Magento solution partner, you gain access to powerful hosting tools that simplify scaling. With managed hosting plans like Managed Magento Cloud, you can scale up or down depending on business needs with features like autoscaling during traffic spikes, so you never have to sacrifice one website’s performance to protect another’s.

Benefits of managed Magento support for your clients

Magento store owners rarely have the IT staff to fix website issues. While an on-call Magento support team can help address these issues on an on-demand basis, ongoing managed Magento support works proactively to prevent many problems.

Managed Magento support from Liquid Web can help with items like updates, security, performance, and safeguarding user experiences. 

How providing managed Magento support services can help your clients.

Proactive website updates

Online stores involve a lot of applications and plugins that require timely updates. For example, eCommerce websites using Magento need to consistently check for new versions, as Magento regularly releases updates with bug fixes and new features. (Please note that end-of-life (EOL) versions of Magento are not included in these updates.)

Similarly, add-ons and plugins also regularly release new updates that improve their functionality. Tracking these versions and keeping all applications up-to-date is simple with managed Magento support.

The managed service provider checks all platforms and plugins regularly and ensures that the applications are updated to their latest version as soon as possible.

Enhanced security

As eCommerce websites deal with payments and sensitive data, they make tempting targets for cybersecurity threats. In fact, 58% of data theft in 2023 involved eCommerce stores. Similarly, online businesses are also prone to other security threats like:

  • Phishing.
  • Malware.
  • Ransomware.
  • DDoS attacks.
  • Financial fraud.

To safeguard their business and customer data, online store owners can prioritize website security by opting for managed Magento support services.

Managed support involves preventive maintenance that implements support and safety measures before any issue occurs. 

Support can help assess the website’s security requirements, implement the necessary security add-ons to prevent potential threats, identify and address vulnerabilities, and update Magento and other plugins.

Should a cybersecurity breach occur, managed support services can help by implementing damage control measures such as temporarily taking down certain website pages or blocking suspicious traffic.

Reduced downtime

Managed Magento support also helps reduce downtime through continuous website monitoring.

Website monitoring involves checking the website’s performance, load speed, disk space, health, and security at fixed intervals. For example, page uptime is monitored in real-time, with additional disk space and health checks once a week or twice a month.

Combined with preventive maintenance, website monitoring helps clients achieve a high uptime by eliminating common causes of website downtime. 

Moreover, managed Magento support gives clients access to immediate support through troubleshooting. If a security or maintenance issue occurs, the managed service provider helps identify the root cause, debugs the website, and ensures the issue doesn’t repeat.

Improved performance

Performance issues like slow page load times, content delivery errors, and feature failures are common nuisances for large eCommerce websites with high traffic. 

However, most of these issues can be prevented through managed Magento support. Managed services help with the performance optimization of Magento stores with regular monitoring and troubleshooting.

Support helps with tasks like customizing feature settings and utilizing performance-boosting plugins to help the pages load faster.

Cost savings

Managed Magento support might sound like an additional expense for small businesses and clients on a budget. However, with a quality managed hosting partner like Liquid Web, you can provide services to your end clients as an included service or at a price point that results in cost savings.

Because managed support helps implement preventive safety measures, it is more economical for your Magento eCommerce clients than fixing issues after they occur. 

For example, unplanned downtimes result in costs from identifying the cause, fixing the bug, and restoring the website. Amazon, one of the top eCommerce platforms, loses over $220,000 every minute of downtime. 

Managed ongoing support can reduce such expenses by identifying vulnerabilities, updating applications, and implementing security measures to minimize downtime before it happens. 

With managed Magento support, clients save on preventable expenses and reduce mitigation costs.

Better user experiences

User experience is another crucial element for every business. In eCommerce, most customers want a fast-loading and attractive website. If websites deliver poor user experiences, eCommerce customers quickly go elsewhere.

Managed support partners regularly update plugins, monitor website health, and address potential issues to ensure positive user experiences. They can also customize content delivery and website layout to suit the customers’ tastes.

Final thoughts: The benefits of managed Magento support

Managed Magento support helps you deliver a holistic customer experience to your eCommerce clients with security, website monitoring, maintenance, and cost savings.

You need a partner who can provide seamless service to provide Magento support to your clients.

Liquid Web is a trusted Magento hosting company offering outstanding support with a team of experts. Also, Liquid Web provides a holistic Magento service that includes support and maintenance plus complete Magento hosting assistance.

Along with continuous support, Liquid Web helps with migrations, adjustments, and disaster recovery for Magento stores. You can continue providing existing services to your clients while Liquid Web handles Magento hosting and support for you.

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