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New advances in technology are happening all the time and are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives, even how we spend traditional Christmases. With this in mind, we thought it would be an interesting idea to focus our Christmas blog on some of the new inventions we have seen this year. And if you are still looking for last-minute gift inspiration, you might find some of these ideas quite helpful.

Foldaway TVs

Not every living room can fit a large-screen TV. So, if you are short on space but big on movies, a foldaway TV might be the perfect solution. The C Seed M1 Unfolding TV features an innovative LED screen, up to 210 inches in size, that when you want to put it away, automatically folds, concertina style, and then hides itself under the floor out of the way. Of course, it comes with other advanced features too, including 4K micro-LED technology and adaptive gap calibration (AGC). It also looks very impressive – which for half a million pounds for the largest model, it should.

Solar roof shingles

With everyone trying to cut their energy bills, it’s no surprise that solar panels are becoming more popular than ever. Unfortunately, they are not the most attractive things to stick on your roof and if you live in a conservation area, you’re unlikely to get planning permission for them. A much-touted alternative developed this year are solar roof shingles. Essentially, these are traditional roof tiles that do the same job as solar panels. So instead of covering your lovely roof with an ugly solar panel, you reroof it with these eye-pleasing, energy-generating tiles. They are installed in exactly the same way as normal tiles too, with nails, and will reduce your energy bills significantly over the long term.

Remote phone charger

If your home or business is one of those where every socket has a phone charger left permanently plugged in or you’re one of those people that can’t leave your phone long enough for it to charge properly, then the new Xiaomi Mi Air Remote Wireless Charger might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Quite simply, all you do is plug it in and it will charge multiple phones and other gadgets up via Wi-Fi wherever they are in the vicinity. You’ll no longer need to sit within a cable’s length of a plug socket, and you can banish those annoying chargers and cables forever. What’s more, you’ll also likely knock a few quid off your electricity bill.

Non-deflating bike tyres

Whether it’s for fun, exercise or commuting, 13% of people in the UK regularly take their bikes out for a spin. One of the downsides of being a cyclist is that there’s always the risk of a flat tyre. And while puncture repair kits and pumps might be able to help sort the problem out, it’s not always a quick or permanent fix.

A great invention that puts a permanent end to flat tyres is the METL tire from The Smart Tire Company. Originally developed for use on the Mars Rover by NASA, it has now been brought back to earth for use on cycles. The completely airless tyres are made from NiTinol+, a Smart memory metal that when it bends, rearranges its molecular structure and instantly reforms its original shape. This is then covered by a layer of formulated poly-rubber that provides long-lasting tread and grip. Suitable for all terrains and weather conditions, it’s the ideal tyre for cycling enthusiasts.

Flying car

Fed up with traffic jams but can’t afford a helicopter? Then you might love the SkyDrive Flying Car. Unveiled as a concept at CES 2022 and expected to be available for Expo 2025 in Japan, this is the utility vehicle for the future, a drone large enough to carry people that is also quiet, has zero emissions and best of all, drives automatically. All you need to do is input your destination into an app on your phone. Built in Osaka, Japan, the SkyDrive can reach altitudes of 500 meters and travel at speeds of 100km/h.

Robotic suitcase

If you travel a lot, then no doubt you’ll find hauling your luggage around with you a bit of a bind. Indeed, if you have certain disabilities or injuries, it might be impossible. Well, the good news is that there are now suitcases that you no longer need to carry or pull at all. Combining robotics with GPS and Bluetooth technology, Travelmate Robotics has developed a suitcase that will follow you around, indoors and out, by connecting with your smartphone through a secure connection.

You will always know where the suitcase is and, if you get lost from one another, the app has a find me button which will send the suitcase to you. The luggage has anti-collision and obstacle avoidance sensors, and works in both horizontal or vertical modes, so it can move flat or standing up. It changes pace to keep up with you, is lockable and unlockable via your app and comes with a spare, chargeable powerpack. Prices range from around £900 to £1500, so while not cheap, they are considerably less expensive than a Louis Vuitton. 


From roofing tiles and cycle tyres to luggage and TVs, this year’s new technology is improving how we live in many ways. Hopefully, you will have found these inventions fascinating and may even have put some on your wish lists. Everyone at eukhost wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. And don’t forget, our technical support elves will be working throughout the holiday season should you need us.

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